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"Diwali is not about depriving yourself or feeling restricted.  It's about enjoying  yourself and being with family and friends." Sujata

"All the dishes look absolutely amazing and can't wait to make this for family when I visit them for Diwali.  Sujata's cooking class was brilliant. The recipes were really easy to follow, and was exactly as written in the recipe book. And the best part was that it was affordable!!" Hinali Shah

Make delicious healthy Diwali treats without spending hours cooking.

Treat 1: Chocolate Burfi - The Sweet Indulgence
Start your journey with a decadent Chocolate Burfi. Learn the steps to craft this fusion delight, blending the richness of traditional burfi with chocolate. It's so easy to make this for family and friends.

Treat 2: Besan Burfi - The Golden Delight
Nothing speaks Diwali like the Besan Burfi! It's an all time classic and has got rich flavours.  As you make this golden delight, discover how to make it healthier and still taste yummy.  

Treat 3: Chikki - nutty and crunchy
The combination of roasted peanuts and a natural sugars creates a rich, nutty flavour, making Chikki not just a delicious snack but also a source of instant energy with minimal ingredients.

Treat 4: Healthy Ladoos - Guilt Free 
Who said sweets can't be healthy? You'll master the recipe for wholesome ladoos packed with nutrients. Get insights into how traditional sweets can get a healthy spin, making it low sugar and low fat.

Treat 5: Hara Bhara Tikki - The Green Goodness
A treat for everyone, this kebab is a natural source of protein and made with my favourite green chutney. Have this savoury snack for your cravings.

Treat 6: Chana Chaat - Tangy, Spicy, and Oh So Delightful!
You've got to have the irresistible chana chaat. Explore the layers of flavours, from tangy tamarind to spicy chilies. Learn how to make this beloved street food for your festive treat.

Treat 7: Kajju Katli - Cashew Indulgence

This smooth, healthier version made from cashews is a Diwali essential. It's the perfect token of love for your special guests.  Lower in sugar and fat compared to the original recipe.

Treat 8: Healthy Bhel - Crunchy, Light, and Refreshing
Experience the burst of flavours with my healthy twist on the classic bhel. Packed with wholesome ingredients, this snack has a melody of textures and tastes.

Treat 9: Sweet Potato Tikki - Sweet, Savoury, and Simply Scrumptious
With the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes, these tikkis are a delight to your taste buds. It's a recipe that's both nutritious and delectably festive.

Treat 10: Oats Mamra - Savoury and Crunchy
With Oats Mamra, savour the flavours and is a healthier alternative to chevdah. This snack promises crunch and nutrition in every bite, making snacking guilt-free and utterly delicious.

Treat 11: Gajjar Halwa - The Winter Warmth
Warm your heart and soul with the classic Gajjar Halwa. Learn to make this in a healthier way without compromising on its traditional richness.

Treat 12: Crunchy Snickers Ladoos - A Chocolatey Twist
With these ladoos, indulge in a fusion of tradition and modern flavours. A combination of nuts and chocolate that will be a hit among all, especially the youngsters.

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This Diwali come and learn how to make twelve delicious healthy treats (sweet and savoury) for your family and friends.

When you buy your mithai and savoury snacks they are high in calories and high in sugar, fat and salt.  These leave you feeling bloated, heavier and lethargic.

I'm going to show you how to make easy and simple treats that are healthy and delicious.  You'll be feeling energised and satisfied after eating these.

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