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You CAN lose weight, reduce your risk of diabetes, look and feel good and have more energy.

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Have you spent months trying to give up sugar, but just cannot do it on your own?

You feel that you are constantly failing. Now what?

Giving up sugar overnight is hard to do, because you get uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like headaches and feeling tired. 

Also, you do not know what you can eat when those cravings arise.

I know you are here because you want to make changes to get healthier and lose weight.

Join to learn what you can now do. Use three key steps (which my clients are using) to:

Stop dieting

My clients do not give up their favourite foods but learn their healthy balance.

Deal with cravings

Understand what may be causing your cravings and make changes.

Lose weight

Instead of making extreme changes which are not sustainable, make it doable.

How much better would your life be if you:

Had more energy

You wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy through the day.  You can finally be active, without depending on sugar to keep you going. 


Feel more confident

You lose the belly fat and don’t need to wear baggy clothes that hide it anymore. You begin to love the way you look and feel and are more confident about yourself.  Finally, you can get back into you old clothes that have been stored in the back of your wardrobe or even shop for a size down.


Reduce risk of disease

You age healthily and reduce your risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, etc. which are associated with being overweight or obese.  You will feel so much happier that you’ve actually made a change instead of just worrying about it. 

Would you like me to teach you how to get started?

Join me in this  informative FREE 45 minute training where you will:

✔️ Learn why sugar is HARMFUL for you

✔️ Understand why WILLPOWER on it's own cannot work

✔️ Follow "Three Key Steps" to reduce your sugar cravings

✔️ Make changes without feeling deprived or like you are on a "diet"

✔️ Join the affordable and effective 5-Day Sugar Free Challenge 

Personal invitation from Sujata

I too struggled with sugar cravings and tried many things which never worked.

It was only when I went on to study nutrition, did I understand the main causes of cravings and what would really work to get over them.  Over the last ten years, I have coached many who never believed that they could give up sugarI taught them how to make gradual and simple swaps to create healthier habits.  You won't need to depend just on your willpower or self-discipline.

What a client shared:

“I was happily surprised by the simple recipes that I could cook easily. I feel good, have lost weight, my clothes are getting loose for me and friends have complimented me on my weight loss. My skin is clearer and I no longer get the strong sugar cravings that I previously had. Most importantly I’m not hungry as I used to be”  Rene


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Reduce Your Sugar Cravings Naturally

Learn how by cutting sugar you can lose weight, look good, reduce risk of diabetes and have more energy.


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