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Introducing Healthy Habits For The Busy Woman In 28 Days

Get slimmer, fitter & more confident (without restrictive dieting)


I have seen so many women struggle on their weight loss journey; whether it was unsuccessfully tracking calories in an app, or saying they would give up sugar (which only lasted a few weeks), sign up for expensive gym membership, or even resort to more extreme methods like weight loss pills or meal replacement shakes.  And they were failing even after doing all this.

So I took everything that I’ve learned over the past 8 years (and what my clients used) and decided to create an easy to follow step by step program, allowing you to get to your goals easily and in a shorter time.

I have carefully designed it so you learn all that you need to do; like what to eat, how to prepare easy meals, what a healthy plate looks like (without counting calories), how to get active and how to create a positive mindset, etc.

At the end of the program you will have learnt how to create healthy habits which you can depend on to live a healthier and happier life.

Healthy Habits for the Busy Woman is the ONLY program of it’s kind that:

  • Shows you how to ALIGN your diet, lifestyle and mindset with your health goals.
  • Is a complete guide which not only tells you what to do, but you are doing it PRACTICALLY  as you go through the program.
  • You do not feel deprived as you eat REAL foods, including your traditional meals.
  • You learn what your healthy BALANCE is, so can have your treats too.
  • You get EXPERT advice and you can ask as many questions as you want to, so you don’t feel alone when doing it.
  • Shows you how to create a positive MINDSET.
  • Bring CALMNESS and clarity into your day, so you can now find time to relax even when you are busy.
  • Teaches you techniques, so you not only SAVE time but will also save money too.

Lost just over 5 kilos which I had been trying for some time but wasn’t able to do on my own. 

"I have benefited immensely with the methodical and step by step approach, support and guidance. Sujata's focus on conscious eating, portion control, planning meals has helped me overcome my issues with acidity, bloating and losing all the excess weight gained. While doing this program, I've never had to switch to diet meals, as Sujata guided us with our regular meals by introducing healthy habits. I felt more energetic, confident, had less cravings for sugar and overall very comfortable with my body. The online community which is part of her program is really helpful as we learn together and support and encourage each other. Sujata is very committed to the cause of healthy eating and is genuinely interested in our success in achieving our goals. Sujata has been absolutely brilliant and I would definitely recommend her program." Maya

If you are READY to get healthier without spending lots of money on expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, gadgets, etc..

Let me show you how we’ll get you there.

Module 1

Build a strong foundation by starting with some key steps

In the first module you begin by creating a strong foundation that you can depend on.  

➡️ You will start by setting your intentions, understand what has been holding you back in the past and identify what you need to do to overcome these obstacles.

➡️ Learn a visualisation exercise, so that you are aligned and connect with the future you.  

➡️ Learn how to love and honour yourself, so you can then make your health a priority and look after yourself better.

➡️ Use the weekly meal planner and recipes to prepare and eat healthy meals (suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians).

➡️ Learn my simple secrets to easy meal planning to save time and money.  

➡️ Breakfast is the focus this week and you learn why it is an important meal of the day and how to prepare quick nutritious breakfasts when you are in a rush in the mornings.

➡️ Get active and learn how to track your daily activities.  This is an eye opener for many as they think they are more active than they actually are.

Module 2

Make mindset shifts so you can overcome limiting beliefs to realise your potential

In this module you go deeper.

➡️ Identify the self-limiting beliefs that you have been holding on to for a long time and learn how to replace these old beliefs with new positive ones, which are aligned to having a healthier body and mind.

➡️ Learn how to make time for yourself, by breaking away from daily distractions that have been side tracking you from what's important.

➡️ Meal focus this week is making nutritious quick and easy lunches that you can take to work.

➡️ Introduce a simple exercise routine, by incorporating some exercises that are not time consuming and can be done easily at home.  No gym membership is required.

Module 3

Introduce mindfulness into your day

Building on from the previous week you:

➡️ Practise how to eat mindfully, enjoy the flavours and textures of the foods you eat and learn how foods can affect your energy and moods.

➡️ Transform your morning rituals with new routines so you start the day feeling calm and collected, instead of trying to keep up with your never ending to do list.

➡️ Meal focus this week is dinners, you learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals that are family friendly.

➡️ And you continue with all that you learnt from previous modules, incorporating the changes a step at a time.

Module 4

Combining the three pillars - healthy diet, lifestyle and mindset

➡️ Learn how to create an evening routine, so that you unwind the day gently, and get a good night’s rest, to wake up feeling energised.

➡️ Begin to introduce some self-care practices so that you are looking after yourself guilt free, and this allows you to care better for those that you love.

➡️ Understand what a healthy balance is and how to maintain this where-ever you are.

➡️ Discover what to do when you face unexpected setbacks which you cannot control, so you don’t revert back to your old habits and can live the healthier life that you’ve always dreamt of.

Bonuses - my gifts to you

Because I want you to be well equipped and supported, I’ve included these three amazing bonuses:

#1 Healthy snacks

Most of us remember to eat healthily at meal times. However, we don’t give much thought to our snack time and end up reaching for unhealthy options like chocolate, biscuits, crisps, etc which are the most convenient.

This is why I have put together a special snack guide where I share some delicious recipes to take care of your different cravings, which may be for something sweet, salty, spicy and savoury, cold, creamy, warm, etc.

Also, for the days when you can’t make your snacks, you will learn what to look for when buying your snacks, to keep them healthy.

# 2 Online Community


As a member of the Healthy Habits For The Busy Woman, you get four weeks access to the exclusive closed Facebook Group, where you can be inspired and connect with like minded women, also wanting to get healthier.

In our online community you can share how you are getting on and be inspired by what others are doing.  Plus,  I will be supporting and motivating you, so you keep moving forward.

#3 Weekly Live Q&A

Every week I will be doing a weekly Q&A, and you join me for this live call where I answer all your questions.  If you cannot attend it live, you submit your questions beforehand and you can watch the recorded video later.

You do not want to miss this bonus, as you can ask me as many questions that you have, so that I can guide you. So in effect, with this bonus, you get the Healthy Habits Program at just a fraction of the cost of me working with you one to one.

My unique approach and methods have helped so many women to get AMAZING results

Lost 10 kilos & dropped 2 dress sizes

"I went to Sujata after trying everything that I could think of. I was having no luck losing any weight and whatever I lost used to come back quickly. After the first few meetings I started getting more confident. Sujata‘s recipes are my favourite bit of the whole program. They are very simple and easy and very delicious too. Together with the recipes, Sujata integrated exercise and built this up gently. Yes I have achieved my goal to lose 10 kg, two dress sizes and so much belly fat. I miss our meetings and health talks and think about her a few times a day – when eating, working out, shopping for my new wardrobe and when I get compliments. I love the new me, I love my new eating habits, the awareness that Sujata has brought not only to me but to my entire family. I have recommended her highly to all my friends."PJ

Sabrina's Transformation


What you are getting:

Use coupon code NEWYEAR to save 15%

Program options

To pay in instalments please send me an email.

Self study


28 Day program

Recipe book 

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4 month access


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28 Day program

Recipe book 

Suggested meal planner

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30 Minute consultation


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28 Day program

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What other members are saying


Healthy Habits For The Busy Woman is PERFECT for YOU if:

  • You are just starting your health journey and don’t know what to do
  • You have tried on your own, seen some results, but are now feeling stuck
  • You are feeling frustrated as nothing you do seems to work for you
  • You want to get off the dieting cycle, where you lose weight only to put it back as you go back to your old habits
  • Creating a healthy body and mind is a priority, as you know you can’t afford to let your health deteriorate
  • Being either overweight, unfit or unhealthy prevents you from living your life fully
  • You want see results and are ready to commit 
  • You understand that you need to invest in a health program, as what you are doing isn’t working, so that you can learn not just what to do, but how to do it and understand why

If you said YES, to FIVE of the above, I can’t wait to see you in Healthy Habits for the Busy Woman

JOIN HERE and get the bonuses

Have questions or need some help

Send me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP

What others have asked before signing up for the program:

Yes, absolutely as you will learn how to eat healthily not just when you cook your own meals, but also when eating out, traveling, or getting food deliveries.  

You will spend some time each week learning, but I’ve made sure that the program is easy and simple for you to follow, so you are not going to be wasting any time (which you’ve probably done in the past).

I’d like to ask you, did any of those programs you did in the past, teach you how to make changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset or did they focus on just one or two areas.

In this program, which is easy and doable, as you will see when you begin, you will look at all three and there is an alignment with your health goals, so you will experience the benefits.

Many of my clients experience changes within a week of beginning, they feel energised so they can get active, plan and prepare meals, etc

They wake up feeling refreshed and have a positive attitude and this spills into many areas of their lives. Many lose weight within 2 to 3 weeks of beginning, so it’s not overnight weight loss, but because the changes are sustainable they lose weight and keep it off.  Results will vary for each person depending on what they can do, their age, health conditions, metabolism, etc.

In this program you not only get the core program where you learn what to do, but you are making these changes as you go through the modules.  

And I'm sure you will have many questions you want answered.  You have access to ask me whenever you are unsure, confused or overwhelmed, so you won't feel stuck.

With this program, you get me personally responding to you.  When you succeed, that’s my success too, and I will ensure everyone has what they need.

I’m glad you asked that, because my clients are eating their traditional meals with their families (from all over the world).  And of course, I’ll be teaching you how to prepare a healthier plate when having your meals.

You don’t need to give up your treats, but I will show you how to find a healthy balance, so you enjoy them guilt free.

The program opens on Monday 13th January so you have a full week to familiarise yourself and begin to prepare. You will also get access to the online community on the 18th Jan where I begin to coach you.  Then on Monday 20th January we officially begin the program which will be for 28 days.

Each week you will get a new module, this gives you sufficient time to do it.  To make sure that you are not overwhelmed you get only one module per week.

Yes, you have the option to pay in instalments and the amount depends on which program option you selected. You need to pay each instalment before getting the next module.


While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your doctor before beginning this or any program.

The access for the self-study and guided program options is four months, so you get three extra months after you complete it.

If you get the VIP program you have lifetime access to the program, which means that as long as this program is being provided by me you can access it.  

For all program options the recipes and handouts can be downloaded and saved or printed.

This is what you get when you join today:

  • The core program four modules which include daily emails. videos, handouts and checklists - “Complete Healthy Habits for The Busy Woman”
  • Online community and Weekly Q&A in Facebook Group to give you support, motivation and answer your questions so you won’t feel stuck
  • Snack guide bonus

Hi, My name is Sujata Din and I'm a certified health coach and a cancer coach and have been working with my clients for 7 years for them to achieve their goals.  Many years ago I too was addicted to sugar and needed it to keep me going through the afternoons.  It's only when I was able to identify what caused my cravings was I able to come off the sugar roller coaster.  In this program I have simplified what you need to do to and given you step by step instructions.  Come and join me!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, dietician, nor nutritionist. I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY. Please consult with your doctors and then make your own well-informed decisions before starting any program based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life. Any person with a medical condition should consult with their doctor before beginning this sugar cleanse. Results will vary from person to person and depend on what your starting point is, current diet and lifestyle and medical conditions.

Refund Policy: As with most digital, and print offerings, from audio and eBook retailers: There are no refunds on programs or products that can be downloaded, viewed, copied or stored in an electronic format. This is industry standard. Therefore, this program is non-refundable, so please read the full program details before purchasing any program or product.

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