FREE 5-Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Want to start your day feeling energised? 

Join me to create some easy new morning routines to get healthier & lose weight.  

I will show you what to do in my FREE healthy habits challenge.  From starting your day with a delicious breakfast to introducing positive habits to improve your physical and mental wellbeing and lose weight. 

Free Five Day Challenge. Begins 1st March.

Create simple morning habits to feel healthier & happier and for easy weight loss.

Having healthy happy morning routines makes a difference to your wellness and success in weight loss.

We all know that a healthy breakfast is important, but, your other morning routines are also affecting your weight loss.

Your mornings are crucial and if you start the day organised and with energy, it sets you up for the rest of the day. 

But if you are rolling out of bed tired, checking your emails and messages, worrying about how much you have to do, then trying to get ready for work and get the children ready for school plus make breakfast and tidy leaves you feeling exhausted.  Then you are constantly trying to catch up for the rest of the day.

If you don't know what to eat, you reach out for the easiest option, don't feel satisfied and end up constantly snacking.

Your mornings set you up for the day, affecting your moods and even happiness.  If you know what you are doing, you get it done and are more productive.  But, if you leave it to chance, you get distracted and waste time.  

I will show you how to set your intentions to improve your mornings.

Every day of the challenge, you learn how to create a new simple habit.

PLUS, get my breakfast recipes book.

How the challenge works

1) Join the challenge which begins on Monday 1st March.  As soon as you register, you will be sent your recipes so you can plan and stock up. 

2) You will receive daily emails during the challenge to guide you.  If you have any questions get in touch with me.

3) Get the support you need.  Join me and many others in an online community during this challenge, you won't be doing it alone!

"I can’t believe that within a month I have noticed so many changes, I have lost a stone from eating healthy wholesome nutritious foods and have been following your guidance religiously, I also fit better into my clothes. I feel satisfied after meals and no longer have as many sugar cravings as I used to and I have cheat meals without feeling guilty. My energy levels have increased and I am much more active than I used to be and in turn my mood swings have changed and I just feel happier." RS

What you get in the challenge:


- Recipes to start your day right.

- Tips to plan and prepare so you succeed.

- Motivation to be active daily.

- Learn one thing to feel calmer and happier

- My support over 5 days.


Free Five Day Challenge. Begins 1st March.

Create simple morning habits to feel healthier & happier and for easy weight loss.

Hi, I'm Sujata Din, Health Coach & Cancer Coach.

I have used these very tips to guide my clients for almost 10 years on how to live their best healthy life.

I created this Free Five Day Challenge to show you how easy it is to get started with creating healthier habits and fitting them into your life.  It's practical, doable and I will be guiding you daily over the 5 days. Come and join me!