Weight Loss Eating Indian Food Tuesday 10th Oct 8pm

Your online class includes:

 75 minutes guidance from an experienced coach teaching you step-by-step what to eat and when to eat.  Plus frequently asked questions answered.

 Learn the benefits of having Indian foods.

 Get my simple Indian meal weight loss formula.

 Dieting mistakes to avoid.

 How to lose weight whilst still having grains (rice, roti, dosa, etc) and snacks (chevda, chaat, etc).

 Simple swaps to make healthier meals with your favourite recipes.

 How to make your easy to follow meal planner.

 Recording to the live session.

  11 healthy Diwali recipes.

What My Clients Shared

I was trying different diets like weight watchers and slimming world for 6 years.  I had put on 10 kilos and tried many different things which did not work.  I was brought up with Indian foods and so many diets didn't allow me to eat these. Thanks to you, I lost weight, am eating a lot more plus I don't have any cravings for Indian sweets.  I am am not losing hair anymore.  Most importantly I don't need to go to India to lose weight.  You are here in the UK and have taught me how to lose weight whilst still eating my Indian snacks like chevdah and sev. I have more energy at 65 years.  I have never seen anyone teach how to lose weight eating Indian food. What you have taught me has made me satisfied with my meals. 

Mina's feedback


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